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2019 Winter News

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I’m both proud and a little speechless to have two of my works selected as finalists for the International Artist Grand Prize Competition (I.A.C.) in Taipei. Organized by the Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association, this is one of Asia’s top art contests. Over 4,200 works were submitted from artists representing 81 different countries. Of those, only 371 were chosen as finalists to be featured in the exhibit from April 25-29 at Art Revolution Taipei. To have not just one but two works selected (both from my series "The Place in Between"is an incredible honor

Next up my piece Kate & Anthony was selected to be exhibited among the incredible ArtCan talents at Elevate, which opens in London on February 6. It's hard to explain how wonderful it is to feel supported by artists around the world through this organization, a nonprofit with a global perspective.   (Read More…)



Check out WOTISART? on December 20th 2018 to see my featured work. Chosen from hundreds of entries, I am thrilled to be featured in this gorgeous curation. Click here for details.


The Place in Between | Showcase in Hong Kong

One year ago today, I learned that I would be exhibiting my work internationally for the first time at ArtRooms London, of all the wonderful places to launch an art career. I am now headed into my eighth show of 2018, which has taken my work to New York, back to London, California, Hong Kong and beyond. Never doubt the power of intention. Thank you for taking a moment to let me share the next steps in my journey.

The Place In Between

I have spent the summer building out my new series "The Place in Between," a more surreal collection which has taken me a bit deeper into the unknown. We are all curious to what end, but for now I am just letting the Universal flow guide me: from ginormous blue eyes that look forward and past, to beautiful wings that lift me up, to memories flooding around me, out of me. I am lighter in this work than I have ever been. And yet the work is deeper and harder too. Every time I think this is as honest as I can be, another door opens and I walk through that, to a new place—a place in between.

Upcoming Shows 


The 13th edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show opens on Friday, September 28th, 2018 at the Conrad Hong Kong and continues through Monday, October 1. If you are in Hong Kong during this time I would love to share my work with you, and perhaps a VIP invitation (Room 4110K)

And then my work is off to Art Comes Alive held by ADC Fine Art Gallery which opens on October 6th and runs through November 30th. More on that soon!

Getting my work completed, and then framed and ready to ship across the planet, is a huge undertaking. I am so utterly grateful to have a team of family and friends that help to make this happen. I am also incredibly excited to be exploring so many cultures and destinations. Is there a better way to see the world, than through art? 


What's happening this summer?

I am so amazed at the past three months and how quickly I went from hiding out in my studio to showcasing my work—from London to Hong Kong. It's unreal as I even type it, but it is happening— through a lot of very hard work over many years, along with so much support and love, and a few miracles along the way of course. The Universe, God, truly is opening every door as much as my hand is guided by this force.

I would so love to share my work with you, if you can make any of the following shows. And if not, I would be happy to share online. Although I have sold 14 pieces this year, I have many very specials works available and I am starting to build out my new series "The Place in Between." It's going to be an amazing journey and I hope you will continue to share it with me. I am utterly and profoundly grateful.

Current Exhibits:

Gilroy Center for the Arts March 10-May 19 2018

Upcoming Exhibits:

Fun House 2018: Art of the Surreal, Bizarre & Fantastic,
Barrett Art Center Poughkeepsie NY
May 12 - June 23

Universal Language
A&D Gallery London June 5-9 2018

To ArtCan with Love
London The Fitzrovia Gallery June 6

Asia Contemporary Art Show
Conrad Hotel Hong Kong September 28 - October 1 2018



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Fun House 2018: Art of the Surreal, Bizarre & Fantastic, a National Juried Exhibition Show running from May 12-June 23

Pretty excited to announce I have been invited to show two of my pieces at the Barrett Art Center for the upcoming Fun House 2018: Art of the Surreal, Bizarre & Fantastic, a National Juried Exhibition Show running from May 12-June 23

I am even more excited to say that this show was juried by the amazing Danijela Krha Purssey, Co-Founder and Editor, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine along with the incredible Istvan Banyai. I could not feel more honored or grateful!!

75 pieces were selected from 960 submissions by 229 artists. It's going to be an amazing show. Booking my tickets for opening night now!! 
PS - These two pieces are on exhibit Gilroy Center for the Arts through the Art & Wine Stroll on April 7 and then off to New York 😁😁😁


Thank you is not big enough.

Not big enough to properly thank everyone who came out last night to the Gilroy Center for the Arts for my Artist Reception. I am beyond words in describing the opportunity to bring my work to my hometown—and to receive such an incredible reception of love and support. And in that, I will be saying goodbye to six pieces of work that have found new homes—of course with the beautiful people they were meant for. The exhibit will stay intact until May 10 so you have some time to see them before they go to private collections—along with the full "The Secrets We Keep" installation. Last night, I was asked what was my favorite part: It's a hard question, with probably a dozen answers, but mostly I love that my chosen family is proud of me. A family that has let me become one of them, and the beautiful community that came with them. I am proud to be a Gilroyan, a Filice. I love signing my work with that beautiful name. And then there are the dozens of people, friends, family, those I have never met, those I have known a very long time, who were deeply moved and connected to the work—that they see the journey, loss, triumph, love and hope as their own too. That is what makes me love art—the connection, the conversation without words. So simply, thank you <3

Solo Exhibit Announcement March 10 - May 19 2018 | Artist Reception March 16th

"The Secrets We Keep" by Katherine Filice Opens Saturday March 10 | Artist Reception March 16

Katherine Filice will have her works exhibited in a solo show at the Gilroy Center for the Arts in historic downtown Gilroy. The exhibit, titled “The Secrets We Keep” and featuring a selection of Filice’s provocative pen-and-ink drawings, will be open from 10-March through 19-May 2018. An Artist’s Reception will be held on March 16.
Katherine Filice’s works explore human relationships through symbolism and intricate ink lines. Filice said, “Exhibiting my artwork at ArtRooms London was truly a life-changing experience. I am thrilled to now have this opportunity to share my work with people in my local community who have been so incredibly supportive of this adventure.”

Katherine Filice’s background includes traditional formal art training and a long career as a graphic designer. For over 25 years, she has been the CEO and Executive Creative Director of Articulate Solutions, a creative services firm in downtown Gilroy. Filice was one of only 70 emerging artists worldwide selected by Artrooms to exhibit her work at the prestigious International Contemporary Art Fair for Independent Artists, held in January 2018 at the Meliá House in central London. 
Kevin Heath, Executive Director of the Gilroy Arts Alliance, said, “At the Gilroy Center for the Arts, part of our mission is to celebrate and support the creative talent we have right here in our community. Having worked with Katherine for many years, it is truly an honor to showcase her incredible artwork. Showcasing contemporary works is a recent departure for the gallery, and we expect Katherine’s exhibit to intrigue—and challenge—our audiences.”

The Artist’s Reception will be on Friday, March 16, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm at the Gilroy Center for the Arts (7341 Monterey Street in downtown Gilroy). The exhibit is open from March 10 through May 19. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, 2pm – 5pm, and Saturday 11am – 2pm. For more information, go to or


Artrooms 2018 Update

Back from London with a stop in Iceland for a little decompression. Artrooms was a tremendous success, selling six pieces with additional inquiries coming in, and two international exhibition offers to be considered. The experience of viewing and meeting 70 artists from around the world, along with highly esteemed writers and curators, was worth the trip alone, but getting to meet the art viewer and talk with them in-depth about my work was the best part of all. We shared deeply and profoundly, unexpectedly. I could not ask for more than the honor of sharing a life journey with such special people. It's good to be home now, back at the drawing table, absorbing all that I have been exposed to and pouring it out on the page. As I reflect back I am reminded of how grateful I am to Cristina the director and founder of Artrooms for creating a place for the voice of the emerging artist. It is truly the unique opportunity they claim. I am also profoundly grateful to my family, friends and community for the unending support in making so many of my life's dreams come true. This is just the beginning of course, but I will always remember and cherish the foundation of love on which I was sent across the planet.  If you want to see more images, click here. For inquiries please email 

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What is a Smoth?

A Smoth is a winged creature that symbolizes transformation and represents a catalyst for spiritual growth through hope and awakening. Smoths are present and watching, learning and capturing our moments in life. The Smoth came by its name through a story in in  Be Artist Be Art Magazine magazine in April 2017. Filice created the first Smoths in early 2016 and recently created limited editions of rare color works featuring Smoths.


The depiction of a butterfly and a third-eye symbolizes an awakening.  

The Secrets We Keep

Download the beautifully written piece here for a look into the the journey to Artrooms London 2018. By Debra Eskinazi.

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September 14, 2017 (Gilroy, CA): Articulate Solutions announced that CEO and Executive Creative Director Katherine Filice has been selected by Artrooms to exhibit her artwork at the prestigious International Contemporary Art Fair for Independent Artists, to be held January 20-22, 2018, at the Meliá House in central London. Filice was one of only 70 artists selected for this honor from over 1,100 applicants from around the world, and she will be one of only four representing the United States. READ MORE


Accepted to Artrooms London 2018!

Over a thousand artists from around the globe applied for just 70 spots in Artrooms 2018. I am very excited and grateful to announce I am exhibiting!! 

Don't miss this amazing exhibition Jan 20-22! Learn more at:

Congratulations to all the Artrooms 2018’s selected artists:
Karolina Albricht
Clara apaRicio Yoldi
Paola Bartolacci
Ilaria Bochicchio
bbfm collective Bonfilio Barbara and Franco Moira
Violeta Bravo
Tanja Bürgelin-Arslan
Lucrezia de Fazio
Olga Doulkeridou
Florence Iff
Dario Moschetta
Alessandra Pagliuca
Jordi Raga
Daniele Ravizza
Jordi Robert
Simone Rosti
Fernando San Martín Viscasillas
Anne Cecile Surga
Zane Sutra
Pablo Vindel
Art Collective
Nicolas Auvray
Terry Beard
Kristina Chan
Karsten Cramer
Elvira Bee Bantug
Diana Fernandez
Katherine Filice
Ben Lansky
Giuliano Martinuzzo
Nesli Gul Cebesoy
Ferri Farahmandi
Victoria Heald
Kaori Homma
Shivangi Ladha
Jerome Chia-Horng Lin
Kuniko Maeda
Jessie Pitt
Duncan Stewart
Yuet Yean Teo
Chitra Parvathy Merchant
Sanaz Motamed Rastegar
Yaprak Akinci
Batool Showghi
Haider Ali Akmal
Merna Liddawi
Yuki Ioroi
Manish Solanki
Jake Lee
KV Duong
Yuki Aruga
Rafael Atencia
Charlotte Barlas
Cecilia Colussi
Alice Cooke
Filip Fredrik Haglund
Katie Hallam
Beth Horner
Chris Horner
Suzann Kundi
Lam Ly
Maria Macc
EJ Major
Michelle Lucking
Marek Emczek Olszewski
Julia Rodrigues
Myriam Thomas
Joy Trpkovic
Jodie Wingham
Meng Zhou