Filice’s art is a timeless expression of pure emotion....While her creations flow beautifully, from a technical standpoint, they are challenging
— Debra Eskinazi South Valley Magazine
Katherine Filice | Contemporary Artist

Katherine Filice | Contemporary Artist


I am driven, compelled, to investigate and understand the human condition, relationships, to cast a light on what we keep hidden, to draw a line that awakens those around me, to challenge their perception of reality, to transform their thinking, to push the viewer beyond reason and through a door of provocation.

I use a surreal, point-of-departure approach, and a very unique, detailed pen and ink technique. My meditative drawings take anywhere from fifty to well over a hundred hours to complete. Someone once told me it's like I am "peeling back the skin, but it is oddly beautiful."


I have been drawing and painting my entire life. I have also been working as a commercial designer and creative director for the past 20+ years. While my commercial work has been widely exposed, my personal artwork had been a bit of a guarded secret. The contrast between the sometimes seemingly disingenuous commercialized messaging of my daily work, and the reality of how I truly observe the world, is resolved through the simple joy of line making.

I strive to build human connections through my pen. My work triggers intense conversations and moments of enlightenment. I know through my pen, through my hand, through these beautifully smooth ink lines, I have a voice, and more importantly, I give others a voice.