Katherine Filice is best known for her unique approach to meditative line making. Using primarily a fine-point Rapidograph technical pen, she explores the human experience with a provocative and unexpected dialogue. Filice pushes the technical possibilities of a simple curved line, while asking us to think more deeply and share more openly as she exposes not only the creative zeitgeist of her inner world, but our collective spiritual awakening.

Filice's background features traditional fine art education in conjunction with a long career as a creative director, graphic artist and designer. She has received over 100 national and international awards, personally and with her team, for commercial work in design, painting, writing and photography. Additionally, Filice holds a BS degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of San Francisco and is an Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society lifetime member. Her education and work experience have driven much of her exploration of human relationships.

After decades of quietly creating, Filice's contemporary art career exploded when she was selected to exhibit at the prestigious ArtRooms London exhibition in 2018. Shortly thereafter, her highly provocative series “The Secrets We Keep” was featured in a two-month solo exhibit at the Gilroy Center for the Arts. Filice also participated as an invited exhibitor in the Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong in October 2018, with her work “Birth” featured as one of the top ten Outstanding Artworks.

In early 2019, Filice’s works “Birth” and “I Remember” were selected as finalists for the 2019 International Artist Grand Prize Art Revolution show in Taipei, juried from over 4,200 submissions. She was also awarded the 2019 Startup SF Best Artist 3rd Place Award and received an Apero Curator Review Award for “I Remember."


The Shard Exhibit | London | February 6 - Extended through July

Las Laguna Gallery | Laguna Beach, California | March 7 - March 29

2019 International Artist Grand Prize Competition Art Revolution | Taipei | April 25 -April 29

Startup SF Art Fair | San Francisco | April 26 - April 28

MvVO Art Show | New York | May 1 - May 4

MvVO at The Oculus World Trade Center | New York | May 1 - May 31

The Other Art Fair | Saatchi Art | Chicago | May 16 - May 19

To ArtCan with Love 2019, Fitzrovia Gallery | London | June 5

Artist Showcase at ADC Gallery | Ohio | June 21 - July 26

Gestalt Spectrum 6 | Santa Monica, California | June - July

Asia Contemporary Art Show 2019 | Hong Kong | October 3 - October 6

Envision Arts “Scripts” August 1 - August 31


Art Comes Alive, ADC Fine Art Gallery 2018 | Ohio

Asia Contemporary Art Show 2018 | Hong Kong

Art of the Surreal, Bizarre & Fantastic Barrett Art Center 2018 | New York

Universal Language A&D Gallery 2018 | London

To ArtCan with Love, 2018 | London

Solo Exhibit: Gilroy Center for the Arts 2018 | California

ArtRooms 2018 | London

ArtCan Earth Day Exhibit 2018 | London


Saatchi Art Chief Curator Selection June 2019

WOTISART? Featured Artist March 2019

Apéro Catalog | Curators Honorable Mention Prize Award March 2019

Top 100 Finalist Award | Circle Foundation for the Arts | 2018 Artist of the Year Award

WOTISART? Featured Artist December 2018

Who’s Next: Geneyclee Gallery Feature September 2018

Asian Art News: Featured by Asia Contemporary Art Show September 2018

Widewalls September 2018

The Value August 2018

HK Artion July 2018

Lianapress July 2018

GMH Today April 2018

Metro Active December 2017

South Valley Magazine November 2017

GMH Today November 2017

Be Art Be Artist Magazine April 2017


Juried ArtCan Member | London

While many of the images convey exasperation, resentment or struggle, there are clear elements of hope in nearly every drawing.
— South Valley Magazine

Some candids from a few of my adventures.