The Place in Between | Showcase in Hong Kong

One year ago today, I learned that I would be exhibiting my work internationally for the first time at ArtRooms London, of all the wonderful places to launch an art career. I am now headed into my eighth show of 2018, which has taken my work to New York, back to London, California, Hong Kong and beyond. Never doubt the power of intention. Thank you for taking a moment to let me share the next steps in my journey.

The Place In Between

I have spent the summer building out my new series "The Place in Between," a more surreal collection which has taken me a bit deeper into the unknown. We are all curious to what end, but for now I am just letting the Universal flow guide me: from ginormous blue eyes that look forward and past, to beautiful wings that lift me up, to memories flooding around me, out of me. I am lighter in this work than I have ever been. And yet the work is deeper and harder too. Every time I think this is as honest as I can be, another door opens and I walk through that, to a new place—a place in between.

Upcoming Shows 


The 13th edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show opens on Friday, September 28th, 2018 at the Conrad Hong Kong and continues through Monday, October 1. If you are in Hong Kong during this time I would love to share my work with you, and perhaps a VIP invitation (Room 4110K)

And then my work is off to Art Comes Alive held by ADC Fine Art Gallery which opens on October 6th and runs through November 30th. More on that soon!

Getting my work completed, and then framed and ready to ship across the planet, is a huge undertaking. I am so utterly grateful to have a team of family and friends that help to make this happen. I am also incredibly excited to be exploring so many cultures and destinations. Is there a better way to see the world, than through art?