What's happening this summer?

I am so amazed at the past three months and how quickly I went from hiding out in my studio to showcasing my work—from London to Hong Kong. It's unreal as I even type it, but it is happening— through a lot of very hard work over many years, along with so much support and love, and a few miracles along the way of course. The Universe, God, truly is opening every door as much as my hand is guided by this force.

I would so love to share my work with you, if you can make any of the following shows. And if not, I would be happy to share online. Although I have sold 14 pieces this year, I have many very specials works available and I am starting to build out my new series "The Place in Between." It's going to be an amazing journey and I hope you will continue to share it with me. I am utterly and profoundly grateful.

Current Exhibits:

Gilroy Center for the Arts March 10-May 19 2018

Upcoming Exhibits:

Fun House 2018: Art of the Surreal, Bizarre & Fantastic,
Barrett Art Center Poughkeepsie NY
May 12 - June 23

Universal Language
A&D Gallery London June 5-9 2018

To ArtCan with Love
London The Fitzrovia Gallery June 6

Asia Contemporary Art Show
Conrad Hotel Hong Kong September 28 - October 1 2018



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