Thank you is not big enough.

Not big enough to properly thank everyone who came out last night to the Gilroy Center for the Arts for my Artist Reception. I am beyond words in describing the opportunity to bring my work to my hometown—and to receive such an incredible reception of love and support. And in that, I will be saying goodbye to six pieces of work that have found new homes—of course with the beautiful people they were meant for. The exhibit will stay intact until May 10 so you have some time to see them before they go to private collections—along with the full "The Secrets We Keep" installation. Last night, I was asked what was my favorite part: It's a hard question, with probably a dozen answers, but mostly I love that my chosen family is proud of me. A family that has let me become one of them, and the beautiful community that came with them. I am proud to be a Gilroyan, a Filice. I love signing my work with that beautiful name. And then there are the dozens of people, friends, family, those I have never met, those I have known a very long time, who were deeply moved and connected to the work—that they see the journey, loss, triumph, love and hope as their own too. That is what makes me love art—the connection, the conversation without words. So simply, thank you <3